• Why Us?

  • In times when economic circumstances force people to pull back in their spending it is up to small business and informed consumers to slowly change the status quo. We have learned that those who make the policies are not always helping the saturation in our own production. Today we see a slowdown in the import of building materials like brick from overseas markets. This is due in part to the re-education of the consumers. For many years we had not foreseen such a drastic downturn of the economy caused in part by our import from other countries. We have lost the ability to produce some of the construction materials but, luckily, some products like faux brick made in USA are starting to dictate the prices and availability. We are well aware of the quality produced and the need for the housing market to deal and purchase local brick, for exterior and interior alike, and are here to bring all the products this market has to offer. If you have any question about the quality, durability or even quantity discounts please do not hesitate to contact us.
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